Book Club – A Song of Ice and Fire – 02

In our second bookclub podcast — Tender Moments 2: Electric Boogaloo — Brad Nicholson and I discuss episode two of HBO’s Game of Thrones series (“The Kingsroad”) as well as the middle third of George R. R. Martin’s novel of the same name.

Our goal is to organize and suss out the subtlety of the series, but I’m pretty sure we mostly just talk about how pervy it all seems at times.

A few quick things that I forgot to mention during the cast:

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The Early-Ass Morning Show In The Morning – 019

The Early-Ass Morning Show In The Morning has returned! In this week’s episode, Nick Chester and I discuss this week and last week’s video game news. At the top, we discuss the new Nintendo console and then the rumors surrounding the device’s controller. Then, we roll into a discussion about PSN, “Madden 12” cover athlete Peyton Hillis, and more.

It’s been awhile since we recorded a new episode, I know. So, I’ve prepared a brief FAQ below this post to get you up to date on what we’re doing with the show and why there’s been such a huge delay between recordings.

Before you check that out, give us a listen just below or, hey, download us via iTunes or Zune Marketplace. All the cool kids continue to do this because they’re, uh, cool.

The Early-Ass Morning Show In The Morning – 019

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The Blog Restoration / Creation Continues!

UPDATE: And I totally forgot to say this, but big thanks goes to Skagmire. Dude spent a ton of his time recovering a bunch of our old posts that we thought were lost forever. The recovery process is possible thanks to him. Everyone send him a PM on the forums.

ORIGINAL: I’ve been firing off a few Facebook messages and Tweets about this over the last few days, but I wanted to make sure that every visitor to our lovely, lovely Web page is catching the heads up: the front page will continue to change over the next few days and our podcast feed will continue to receive older content. I wish I didn’t have to drag you guys through this restoration process, but if we turn off the lights, no one gets to enjoy any TEH goodness.

As I’ve explained before in an earlier post, the reason the majority of our content disappeared is due to our old host pulling the plug on us for eating too much bandwidth. In a weird way, it was a flattering gesture. It sorta proves to us that we’re popular and you really, really want to get your hands and ears on our content. But, the kickback was that we lost a lot of our stuff and had to move our feed to an unmetered service. The restoration effort will be slow as we upload our stunning 1.5GBs worth podcasts, so stick with us. Also, we’re restoring what old posts that we can.

Anyway, enjoy the brand new layout and drop us a line if you spot any weird technical errors. Thanks!

Date Night: ‘Section 8: Prejudice’

UPDATE: Postponed! I’ve got a job interview tonight that’ll clash with the timing of this. Can we reschedule for Saturday at 7PM EST? Cool, right? Thanks!

So, we were supposed to do a Date Night on PSN for the first time this week. But, uh, the service is down. As a result, we’ll do Date Night over Xbox Live once again and the new game will be “Section 8: Prejudice,” the downloadable follow-up to “Section 8.”

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, “Section 8″ is an FPS with a strong focus on the competitive side of things. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the title and it’s been met with some pretty positive reviews — a surprise considering the tepid ones the last game received despite its flair and unusual hooks.

If you’d like to join in, hit up this forum topic and drop your details. Below you’ll find the time and date we’ll meet:

WHAT: Date Night: Section 8: Prejudice
WHEN: Friday, 7PM EST
PLATFORM: Xbox Live Arcade

Hope to see you there. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll collect all the GTs in the thread and add them to my personal Friends List.

NOTE: That image is actually concept art from the first game. I would use the second’s, but I dig this piece too much.

048 – ‘Portal 2′ Spoiler Cast

In this week’s episode we talk in-depth about Valve’s latest masterpiece, “Portal 2.” If you’ve yet to play it all the way through, it’s best if you go ahead and do so before you open your earholes to our awesome waves. Seriously. We spoil the hell out of this game.

There’s more to the podcast than spoiler talk. We do discuss the new “Mortal Kombat” and Jim brings up the oddest game I’ve ever heard of, a title called “Cargo.” Also, we answer your user questions. Here’s the timestamps that I promised in the show so you can safely avoid the spoiler zone:

WHAT: “Portal 2″ Talk
END TIME: 38:20

Give us a listen below or do the right thing and grab us on iTunes or Zune Marketplace!

048 – ‘Portal 2′ Spoiler Cast

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The Journalism Show Episode 6 Is Out

I work with a lot of talented dudes both on and off this loose network. Topher is one of those people.

On top of being a genuine dude with a heart made out of marshmallows laced with gold, Topher is an superb artist who pours every ounce of his being into his work. If you haven’t seen his latest creation, The Journalism Show, I implore you to check it out. TJS is a set of fantastic cartoons so full of life and quirk. They’re also pretty smart and packed full of Internet savvy and jokes that fans of Japanese culture and animation will love.

And now the first season has come to a close with a bang. Episode 6 is out and available for viewing now. To check it out, go to Topher’s Web site, Rockmelon Soda, and hit “play” on the video thing. Twelve minutes of quality Web cartoon work, man.

Mind The Feed, It’s Under Construction

Just a heads up: I’m going to upload a couple of older episodes of The Electric Hydra Internet Radio Show this morning, so if you encounter some weirdness with our feed or get forced to download an old episode, I apologize in advance.

My hope here is that I can backdate these ancient podcasts, which would allow you to download them at your leisure. Also, hopefully, they’ll line up in proper chronological order. I’m OCD about this kind of stuff, so fingers crossed. If the plan doesn’t work, I’ll pull the episode and wait until another practical solution presents itself.

Let me know if you encounter anything odd, too. I’d like the feedback as I do this.

Thank You: A Donation Update

I’ve been wanting to throw a little update your way about the status of our donation drive because, as some of you have noticed, our donation button is now gone.

Here’s the deal: TEH raised enough money to fund this year’s hosting of the podcast and, more than likely, cover whatever else it’ll need to this year. If a dude’s microphone breaks, we got that covered; if we need to fund a new feature in any capacity, it’s probably covered; and if we need to get another bump in hosting, it’s covered.

From the bottom of our six-pumped heart, thank you. Thank you so much for caring and tossing in your support. I think I speak for all of us when I say we were overwhelmed by the stream of gratitude and kind wishes. We truly do have the best fans in the world and an audience who cares — a rare thing, especially.

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Book Club – A Song of Ice and Fire – 01

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Tender Moments, the internet’s premier Dothraki fingerblast podcast!

Our first Electric Hydra Book Club got off to a bang (heh) as Brad and I dish on the first episode of HBO’s A Game of Thrones adaptation. Spoiler: we like it.

After a short break, we discuss the first 285 pages of A Game of Thrones, with a heavy focus on the political intrigues of Westeros and the relative lack of swords, dragons, or dragons with swords. In seriousness, though, King’s Landing is a quagmire — if you’re reading along and have questions, conspiracy theories, or plausible auguries, please feel free to e-mail us or mix it up in our Song of Ice and Fire forum thread. I’d love to get some feedback.

If you’re reading along with us, we’ll be tackling most of the rest of A Game of Thrones this week: the next podcast will cover the events through the fourth Sansa chapter (the 52nd overall).

I know it’s a lot, but we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there, leading up to the July release of A Dance with Dragons.

Book Club – A Song of Ice And Fire – 01

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Date Night: ‘Mortal Kombat 9′ Edition

UPDATE: Show is over! I gotta be honest, I’m pretty ticked that the netcode in “MK9″ is so weak. Let’s give NetherRealm the benefit of the doubt and try Date Night: “Mortal Kombat” Edition again in a few weeks. Our next game night, by request, will be “Uncharted 2.” We’ll roll next week!

ORIGINAL: What an exhausting day at TEH office (read: my office.) But, hey, I’ll be fresh and ready to roll this Friday for our brand new Date Night affair: “Mortal Kombat 9” Edition.

That’s right, this coming Friday I’ll be the host of a brand new Date Night starring the Xbox 360 version of “Mortal Kombat.” The fun starts at 7PM EST because EST is the ONLY time Brad cares about.

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