Book Club – A Song of Ice and Fire – 11

My struggle over the course of the last eleven weeks has been the overabundance of rad Ice and Fire-related shit to talk about. It manifested itself last week in a fit of existential angst. This week, my frustration is more practical: the last chapters of a Storm of Swords contain the resolution of the series’ most enduring extant mysteries, and I forgot to fucking mention it.

So it’s with my bemused apologies that I present episode 11 of the Podcast Formerly Known as Fingerblast.

Book Club — A Song of Ice and Fire — 11

If you’re hoping for an in-depth discussion of the beginning of Feast of Crows, the Pod that was Promised, I’m sorry to report that I’ve sold you a bill of goods — faced with the sheer weight of Storm and my own inability to manage my time, Feast gets only a perfunctory bullrush at the end of the transmission.

And while I’ll have to backtrack some next week, I’d hate to spoil you on episode 11 entirely: it’s home to both a post-modern deconstruction of how George R. R. Martin used Nirvana’s In Utero as a framework for Rhaego’s stillbirth and a mythographical critique of Storm‘s epilogue. (Unfortunately, only one of those things is true.)

If you’re keeping up at home, we’ll be tackling (ideally) everything through the first 28 chapters of Feast, which will give us enough time to record our last Feast cast the week of A Dance with Dragon‘s release.

Image by Tomasz Jedruszek

Oh, and everyone wish Brad the best of luck as he gets fitted for his bionic arm this week!

  • PrettyUnsmart

    If it’s the mystery I think it is, then I think the resolution is pretty forgettable. Sure everyone’s been asking that one question over and over, but when the answer is so mundane, it can be pretty easy to overlook (especially with so much else going on).

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