Book Club – A Song of Ice and Fire – 12

This week’s episode of the Electric Hydra Book Club podcast would have been relatively subdued if Brad’s arm hadn’t literally fallen off halfway through.

For the sadists among you, that might be the most interesting thing that happens this week — whether that says more about my podcasting or George R. R. Martin’s well-documented penchant for slow build-ups is debatable. I’m assuming that, given the velocity at which shit gets real at the end of Feast, our next episode will be a fair bit livelier.

Book Club — A Song of Ice and Fire — 12

Main topics include: Cersei’s rule as Queen Regent, the futility of war, and the somewhat anti-climactic reveal of Jon Arryn’s murderer, which I should’ve gotten to last week.

In any case, our penultimate pod covers A Feast for Crows through chapter 28; next week, all of Feast is on the table as we truck, ever onward, toward A Dance with Dragons.

Image via nachomolina’s deviantart page