Date Night: ‘Space Marine’ Part 2 [360]

This is stupid-short notice, but hey, let’s play “Space Marine” together again this coming Friday night at 6:30 PM. Deal? Great! Also, let’s call it a Date Night while we’re at it! If you’re in, just head over to this (old) message board thread, drop in your Gamertag info and wait for me to come by and scoop you up into the warm embrace of my Friend’s List.

I’m not here to sell the game, but I do want to add for any of you with a copy who haven’t turned on the multiplayer, to go ahead and give it a spin. The mechanics are essentially the same, but the scale and intensity of battle is ratcheted up ten-fold. I’m constantly doing something new with a new weapon and having positive effects on the outcome of matches and, really, that’s all a blood-thirsty man-beast can ask for out of a shooter.

Here’s the details in a handy list! See you tomorrow!

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064 – ‘Space Marine’ And Pokemon Evolution

On this week’s episode of The Electric Hydra Internet Radio Show, Anthony and Aaron join the regular crew as they discuss “Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine,” “Dead Island,” “Demon Souls,” and a few other games that Brad can’t recall at the moment. Also, they answer a few of your questions and delightfully go off-topic at more than a few points in the overall discussion.

This was a breezy 40-minute show recorded an hour earlier than normal, which is why we didn’t boot up the live stream. Listen beyond Brad’s “close” for some additional discussion about Cuboid and why he’s the most effed up Pokemon ever.

064 – ‘Space Marine’ And Pokemon Evolution

Next week we’ll try to do the live-cast thing. If the recording time pans out, we’ll throw those details on Twitter so you can join in on the action. As always, your user questions are super appreciated, so feel free to drop those in our message board. Have a great week, guys.

Date Night: ‘Space Marine’ [360]

Hey guys, let’s do a Date Night this week, OK? Jim and I got our copies of THQ and Relic Entertainment’s “Space Marine” and we’re super impressed with the effort. In the spirit of supporting my favorite fantasy world, I’d like you to join me for some Chaos and Ultramarine bashing this coming Friday at 6:30PM EST (on the 360). Sound good?

If it does, just head over to this message board thread and drop your Gamertag details. I’ll add as many people as I can this Friday and we’ll rock out from there. “Space Marine” has two adversarial modes at the moment — a territorial mode and a straight-up DM. Strangely, I’m digging the former a lot more, so we’ll probably roll in that more than anything else.

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