Ghost Bone

Joseph and I got together to do a little podcast. We ended up talking about a lot of sports and, maybe more surprisingly, an iOS game. I also kinda gushed about how much I’m into Binary Domain and The Darkness 2. Joseph also talks a little bit about his “problem” with video game domination. Dude plays the same game forever until he completely masters all of its systems and sees everything.

If you’d like to list, just hit the link below.

Ghost Bone


  • FishieBuddha

    Hey guys – when the new Song of Ice and Fire book comes out – how about some new book club stuff? Loved the commentary.

  • Drew’D

    It’s been a monthly podcast for like a year now. I don’t really mind, I love whatever material you guys decide to put out, even if I skip all the football talk.

  • Robert Landwirth

    It’s completely worth it to listen to each episode, alone for the moment when Brad goes: “Hey what is up welcome to the Electric Hydra Radio Show, I’m your host, your main man Brad Nicholson”. He just brings the energy.