The JRPG Show

This week a discussion about Ni No Kuni launches into a 50-minute episode about JRPGs in general. Weird, right? We talk about the parts we love, the parts we hate, and the things we’d like to see from JRPGs moving forward. We also specifically discuss Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy IX, Lost Odyssey, and Final Fantasy XIII. We name-drop a few more as the conversation takes various twists and turns. Enjoy!

The JRPG Show

NOTE: I (Brad) clipped a lot at the top of this thing. Sorry about that. I lowered the volume on the entire podcast to save your earholes.

  • Alex Giannavola

    This was a great episode! It’s when you guys have a central theme or topic that the podcast really shines.

    Also, FF9 best Final Fantasy of all time!

  • darkestcoil

    Nice header on frontpage from my hometown..
    Also glad to see TEH returning a bit more to games this time around.
    Keep it up guys

  • Robert Landwirth

    When will we hear the conclusion to the Farcry setup a couple episodes back? I wanna hear what Brad has to say!

  • Dylan Alford