The Life Show

Ever wondered about what Brad and Joseph were doing away from video games this lately? Yes? Great! Because that’s what we talk about this week at the top of the show. Later, we do manage to dive into some actual video game stuff. Dead Space 3 and the PlayStation 4 probably take up the most time, but somehow we managed to sneak in mentions of how terrible the latest Medal of Honor is and how great two upcoming iOS titles are. Enjoy!

The Life Show

  • Tommy

    Very cool episode. Next one is number 100, can you imagine?

    • Adam Toews

      Thanks a million for (nearly) 100 episodes. They are always the highlight of my day when you release them.

      • Robert Landwirth

        So, is it right of me to assume, that you thank them about ten thousand for each episode?

        • Adam Toews

          At least!

  • wartser

    I was actually really impressed with the “lack” of loading screens in DS3. I thought the loading times were very short (i played on pc). Aside from loading a saved game or dying, there are zero loading screens. I’ve seen some videos of the console versions, and the pc version is noticeably faster when opening doors. I’m very surprised that you hated the loading so much….I played solo, so I wonder if co-op lengthens the loading time?

    • bradnicholson

      It was more about the starting and stopping than the load times. You’re right — they were pretty negligible. I just messed up articulating my point there.