Date Night: “Battlefield 3″

I haven’t had a ton of spare time in awhile, but what little I do have is usually spent with “Battlefield 3,” of late. I know it’s “old” or whatever, but if you want to join up with me TONIGHT at 8:30 EST, give our forum thread a visit and drop your gamertag. Should be radical. Probably. If the servers don’t suck. We’ll see!

PLATFORM: Xbox 360
GAME: “Battlefield 3”
WHEN: Friday, May 11, 2012

Date Night: ‘Space Marine’ Part 2 [360]

This is stupid-short notice, but hey, let’s play “Space Marine” together again this coming Friday night at 6:30 PM. Deal? Great! Also, let’s call it a Date Night while we’re at it! If you’re in, just head over to this (old) message board thread, drop in your Gamertag info and wait for me to come by and scoop you up into the warm embrace of my Friend’s List.

I’m not here to sell the game, but I do want to add for any of you with a copy who haven’t turned on the multiplayer, to go ahead and give it a spin. The mechanics are essentially the same, but the scale and intensity of battle is ratcheted up ten-fold. I’m constantly doing something new with a new weapon and having positive effects on the outcome of matches and, really, that’s all a blood-thirsty man-beast can ask for out of a shooter.

Here’s the details in a handy list! See you tomorrow!

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Date Night: ‘Space Marine’ [360]

Hey guys, let’s do a Date Night this week, OK? Jim and I got our copies of THQ and Relic Entertainment’s “Space Marine” and we’re super impressed with the effort. In the spirit of supporting my favorite fantasy world, I’d like you to join me for some Chaos and Ultramarine bashing this coming Friday at 6:30PM EST (on the 360). Sound good?

If it does, just head over to this message board thread and drop your Gamertag details. I’ll add as many people as I can this Friday and we’ll rock out from there. “Space Marine” has two adversarial modes at the moment — a territorial mode and a straight-up DM. Strangely, I’m digging the former a lot more, so we’ll probably roll in that more than anything else.

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Date Night: ‘Minecraft’

You clamored for a PC-focused Date Night and I listened. This Friday at 7:00 PM EST, we’ll be rolling huge in “Minecraft” on our own private server. If you’d like to join in on what is sure to be awesome, feel free to read our post on that subject. Basically, you’ll need to drop your name details into this thread and then you’ll be given access.

PLATFORM: PC or Macintosh
GAME: “Minecraft”
WHEN: Friday, May 27, 2011

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Date Night: ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2′ [360]

No, you haven’t stumbled through a time warp — we’re going to play “Battlefield: Bad Company 2″ for a second time on Date Night. This Friday at 7:00 PM EST, I invite all of you to come join me on the Xbox 360 version of the shooter. All you need to do to get in is drop your GT into this forum thread. Later, I’ll put you on my personal list.

PLATFORM: Xbox 360
GAME: “Battlefield: Bad Company 2”
WHEN: Friday, May 20, 2011

I bitched and moaned earlier about “Brink,” but I still feel like I need to apologize for what happened last week. Let’s just stick to the games that we know work for the time being, eh? Rock on, dudes!

Date Night: ‘Brink’

Let’s forget about Hot Scoops for a second and focus on what we’re doing on Date Night this coming Friday at 7PM Eastern. I’ve decided that we’re going to be playing Splash Damage’s cool class-based shooter “Brink” this week over Xbox LIVE, and I’d love for a healthy number of you to find the time to play with the community and me.

If you’d like to join in on the fun, visit this forum thread and drop LIVE GT into it. Later, I’ll roll through the topic and add you to my list so we can all be together.

As I mentioned, “Brink” is getting its share of mixed reception. Some dudes love it, while other dudes hate it. Jim and I are on the side of the former, so I don’t feel bad about doing a Date Night with the game. That all said, if this is what stirs you to grab a copy, I think it is in your wallet’s best interest to check out what we and others have had to say about the game and its triumphs and shortcomings.

PLATFORM: Xbox 360
GAME: “Brink”
WHEN: Friday, May 13, 2011

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Date Night: ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2′

I just got back from doing some IMPORTANT BUSINESS in Baltimore. That’s the excuse I’m using for not setting up a Date Night in the traditional way. But, I would be bummed to the maximum if we didn’t do something tonight, so how about we jump on and play some “Battlefield: Bad Company 2″ competitive over Xbox LIVE?

If that sounds good, hit up this forum thread, drop your GT, and be prepared to squad up this Friday night at 7PM EST. Vietnam not required.

GAME: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
WHEN: Friday, May 6, 2011
PLATFORM: Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE

Keep in mind that EA pushed out a 1.6GB update to “BF: BC 2” that is required to play even the vanilla version of the game. If you’d like to join up tonight, definitely download that patch in advance because it’ll take forever otherwise.

OK, so I hope to see you!

Date Night: ‘Section 8: Prejudice’

UPDATE: Postponed! I’ve got a job interview tonight that’ll clash with the timing of this. Can we reschedule for Saturday at 7PM EST? Cool, right? Thanks!

So, we were supposed to do a Date Night on PSN for the first time this week. But, uh, the service is down. As a result, we’ll do Date Night over Xbox Live once again and the new game will be “Section 8: Prejudice,” the downloadable follow-up to “Section 8.”

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, “Section 8″ is an FPS with a strong focus on the competitive side of things. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about the title and it’s been met with some pretty positive reviews — a surprise considering the tepid ones the last game received despite its flair and unusual hooks.

If you’d like to join in, hit up this forum topic and drop your details. Below you’ll find the time and date we’ll meet:

WHAT: Date Night: Section 8: Prejudice
WHEN: Friday, 7PM EST
PLATFORM: Xbox Live Arcade

Hope to see you there. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll collect all the GTs in the thread and add them to my personal Friends List.

NOTE: That image is actually concept art from the first game. I would use the second’s, but I dig this piece too much.

Date Night: ‘Mortal Kombat 9′ Edition

UPDATE: Show is over! I gotta be honest, I’m pretty ticked that the netcode in “MK9″ is so weak. Let’s give NetherRealm the benefit of the doubt and try Date Night: “Mortal Kombat” Edition again in a few weeks. Our next game night, by request, will be “Uncharted 2.” We’ll roll next week!

ORIGINAL: What an exhausting day at TEH office (read: my office.) But, hey, I’ll be fresh and ready to roll this Friday for our brand new Date Night affair: “Mortal Kombat 9” Edition.

That’s right, this coming Friday I’ll be the host of a brand new Date Night starring the Xbox 360 version of “Mortal Kombat.” The fun starts at 7PM EST because EST is the ONLY time Brad cares about.

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