Thank You: A Donation Update

I’ve been wanting to throw a little update your way about the status of our donation drive because, as some of you have noticed, our donation button is now gone.

Here’s the deal: TEH raised enough money to fund this year’s hosting of the podcast and, more than likely, cover whatever else it’ll need to this year. If a dude’s microphone breaks, we got that covered; if we need to fund a new feature in any capacity, it’s probably covered; and if we need to get another bump in hosting, it’s covered.

From the bottom of our six-pumped heart, thank you. Thank you so much for caring and tossing in your support. I think I speak for all of us when I say we were overwhelmed by the stream of gratitude and kind wishes. We truly do have the best fans in the world and an audience who cares — a rare thing, especially.

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Donate To Us!

Our fair web blog is up and running again and our feed is spitting out new delicious pod content. As I explained in an earlier post, the reason we were cut off from our host comes down to, basically, the usage of bandwidth. We’re a big podcast and we require a lot of data. Because of that, it costs significantly more to run this thing. So, I ask you to donate via this little button. Help us keep our lights on.

UPDATE: Current goals achieved, so the button has been removed. Thanks goes to every single one of you. I’ll do up a post in the near future about all of this.

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