So, about that message board

Hey guys,

So, this was a tough one that I had to think about for a bit, but it’s probably time to take down the message board. It’s just not best the way we communicate with each other at this point in the show’s life. We haven’t seen any new posts in a long time, and I haven’t been able to turn on registrations without a flood of spam. Social media is just so much more convenient and direct.

Plus, the message board software isn’t all that great. It’s been more of a burden than a tool over the last couple of months.

In the next couple of days, the board will silently go away — and so will the posts. In the future, we’ll move to Disquss for comments. That’s a really easy way to talk (outside of Twitter or Facebook or whatever) and there’s no crazy server strain, bulkiness, or anything.

It’ll be like a new start, which is refreshing in a way if you think about it.

- Brad

UPDATE: Our Forums Are Down

Hi, guys. I don’t know what’s going on, but our message board is currently down. We’re looking into it. While you wait for them to come back up, may I suggest that you spend your free time with “Mass Effect 3?” If our schedules line up, we’ll be spoilering the hell out of it this week in our last installment of the Mass Effect Diaries.

Get pumped!

UPDATE: Fixed! Yay! Now, we’re going to upgrade to the latest version. Fingers crossed that nothing terrible happens!


Hi guys! This weekend I’ll be heading out to San Francisco to cover GDC for TouchArcade. That means, unfortunately, I won’t be able to record or host any new episodes of The Electric Hydra Internet Radio Show for the next two weeks. I know, I know. It’s a bummer. And totally unavoidable.

If you’re really hankering for some content, I’d highly advise anyone who hasn’t joined in on our “Mass Effect” series to do so during this lull. When I get back, Joseph and I will start game planning for our “Mass Effect 3″ episodes, and we’d love for newcomers or oldies alike to listen in and play around. If that’s not your cup of tea, well… whoops.

We’ll be back soon with prime episodes, too, so no worries. Have fun, guys.

The Blog Restoration / Creation Continues!

UPDATE: And I totally forgot to say this, but big thanks goes to Skagmire. Dude spent a ton of his time recovering a bunch of our old posts that we thought were lost forever. The recovery process is possible thanks to him. Everyone send him a PM on the forums.

ORIGINAL: I’ve been firing off a few Facebook messages and Tweets about this over the last few days, but I wanted to make sure that every visitor to our lovely, lovely Web page is catching the heads up: the front page will continue to change over the next few days and our podcast feed will continue to receive older content. I wish I didn’t have to drag you guys through this restoration process, but if we turn off the lights, no one gets to enjoy any TEH goodness.

As I’ve explained before in an earlier post, the reason the majority of our content disappeared is due to our old host pulling the plug on us for eating too much bandwidth. In a weird way, it was a flattering gesture. It sorta proves to us that we’re popular and you really, really want to get your hands and ears on our content. But, the kickback was that we lost a lot of our stuff and had to move our feed to an unmetered service. The restoration effort will be slow as we upload our stunning 1.5GBs worth podcasts, so stick with us. Also, we’re restoring what old posts that we can.

Anyway, enjoy the brand new layout and drop us a line if you spot any weird technical errors. Thanks!

Mind The Feed, It’s Under Construction

Just a heads up: I’m going to upload a couple of older episodes of The Electric Hydra Internet Radio Show this morning, so if you encounter some weirdness with our feed or get forced to download an old episode, I apologize in advance.

My hope here is that I can backdate these ancient podcasts, which would allow you to download them at your leisure. Also, hopefully, they’ll line up in proper chronological order. I’m OCD about this kind of stuff, so fingers crossed. If the plan doesn’t work, I’ll pull the episode and wait until another practical solution presents itself.

Let me know if you encounter anything odd, too. I’d like the feedback as I do this.