Generating Business Name Ideas for Your Flower Company –Some Tricks

Are you planning to launch a flower business? Well, that’s a pretty smart idea as floral business is going to get you good customers and a systematic, strategic approach will help your business prosper. However, to start with, you need pick up a suitable name for your business. Remember, the name you select is going to give your business its identity. According to Forbes, it all starts with a name!

The name, if selected property, will turn out to be the brand name your business will be known by, in your business fraternity. Hence, you need to be very particular about the name you select. Here on this page, let us discuss a few tips that you need to follow while naming your flower business.

Consider the Type or Niche of Flower You Will Sell

Are you planning to sell a particular type or niche of flower? Then consider that niche while naming the business as that will work. For instance, if you are planning to sell dry flowers, the name can have a mention of that in it. Likewise, if you are planning to concentrate on seasonal blooms, you name can feature that, as well.

You Can Use Your Name plus an Adjective

Many entrepreneurs would use their first name and then go on to add an adjective to it to form the name of the company. This will not only help associate the identity of the individual with the business, and promote the same, but it will also add to the uniqueness of the name. In fact, the experts would consider it as one of the most effective business name ideas, when it comes to naming a floral business.

Adding Your Location

Though it does not work always, particularly when you have similar businesses nearby, but adding location to the name at times acts effectively in naming a business, more so if you do not have any similar businesses in the vicinity.

Consider Your Future Growth

You have to be a visionary. In other words, you need to consider your future growth while naming your business. That’s the reason; do not add any geographical name. In other words, when your business prospers with time and you move on to new markets, locations and even cities, the old, original name becomes redundant and inconsequential. Even choosing the name of the city may deliver a wrong message and limit the growth of your business. Hence, keep the name more lucid.

Take a clue from the Competitor’s Name

This is one good idea that you may apply. Go through the names of your nearest competitors and take a clue from them. Then think in a different way to create something new and unique.


At times, friends and accomplices come to great help in situations when you are in pursuit of something new and unique. Sit together and start permutations and combinations as that will generate something new. You can also use the name of the competitors and improvise on them to find out something unique.

Use Online Name Generators

A number of online name generators are available these days. These software packages will be of great use when it comes to creating a name for your flower business.


Remember, whatever you communicate as a brand has to reflect what you do in a different and better way than your competitors. Promoting yourself becomes a cakewalk when you articulate that in a unique way. It will just be all about getting your activities in front of as many people as you can, as that will generate an interest amongst them. But first, you have to create an identity of your own.



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