Many sites aren’t using their blog correctly – are you?

Every site we’ve ever looked at has content that is buried so deep into the architecture of the site that it has 0 chance to rank.

And the reason for important content getting buried is usually the inherent way blogs work: As you add new and new content, older content goes down its archive and provides less and less value to the site.

And that content can make an effective part of a conversion funnel driving sales and leads.

Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, are bringing up an important question: How to create a well-planned content strategy that never lets important articles get lost and lose its value?

One common problem with many business blogs that just about any content goes there. This results in that content never bringing desired results.

To surface your important ever-green content, keep your blog to newsworthy and seasonal content, and create a separate section for your ever-green how-to articles and tutorials:

Set up a Knowledge Center

A well-structured knowledge center keeps all the content on the same level without letting it get buried.

This “expert area” should be well interlinked with matching products and product categories to keep related commercial and informational pages tied together.

It is also a good idea to list your most useful content in the main navigation, in the same folder as your product categories solving the same problem.

Create more specific blog categories matching your product categories

If you decide to use your blog for all your content, make sure to set up specific categories that would match your product categories and provide a context for them.

This way you can separate your newsworthy content from ever-green tutorials.

Whatever you do, make sure to interlink your ever-green content with your commercial pages to create topical link circles and ensure that nothing gets buried.

To create a well-planned content strategy, contact ninjas. We have years of experience in identifying important sections of the site and creating both SEO and conversion strategy to make the most of them.

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