Philippines Affiliate Marketing Guide, Trends, GEOs, Verticals, and Insight

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. It consists of 7,641 islands and has a thirteen-large population in the world. The Philippines is known as a multicultural country with diverse ethnicities throughout the islands. There are two highly-developed cities there – Manila, the capital, and Quezon, the largest urban area.

Affiliate Marketing Guide For Philippines

The economy of the Philippines is rapidly growing and changing. It used to be agricultural, but now the country is moving to services and manufacturing, becoming an emerging market and a newly-industrialized area. The Philippines is a member of numerous trading and economic associations, like the World Trade Organization and the East Asia Summit.

Which verticals perform best?

So, what do Philipinians want? Let’s see which verticals perform the best in this GEO:


In the Philippines, eCommerce is the most popular vertical. The truth is that this market has a huge potential in this country, since locals live a very digital lifestyle, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Agency Local reports that 73% of Filipino buyers have already increased their online shopping capacities during the last years, and the tendency is about to grow.

The truth is that this market has a huge potential in this country, since locals live a very digital lifestyle


iGaming is legal in the Philippines, and thousands of locals play regularly. According to Statista, 56% of locals play daily. Fun fact – Philippine iGaming corporation Pagcor explores the market actively, planning to roll out online versions of the most native entertainments, like cockfighting and dog racing.

According to Statista, 56% of locals play daily


The situation with Finance offers, and especially – Loans, is similar to iGaming. There are no strict regulations, while users eagerly react to any opportunity to get some spare cash easily.

Mobile content

As most Filipino users prefer mobile devices to access the Internet (you will see the statistics in the section below), they actively react to Mobile content. In the Philippines, this category includes mobile content per request, games, magazines, etc.


As any emerging GEO, the Philippines is great for Sweepstakes campaigns. Just imagine, there are even charity sweepstakes and lotteries managed by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, so people are pretty much used to numerous forms of Sweeps.


Another vertical typical for an emerging market GEO is Utilities, which is also connected with mobile devices popularity, and namely – Android. Our stats show that free or cheap cleaning apps, anti-viruses, and VPNs interest Filipinos a lot.

Our Sales Team recommends promoting eCommerce offers, especially particular shops, like Shopee and Lazada, since they are popular among Filipinos.

And if you prefer the Finance vertical, we suggest that you should pick Loans offers.

For all the other verticals, you may pick standard offers – Mobile content or iGaming don’t have any peculiarities.

And if you prefer the Finance vertical, we suggest that you should pick Loans offers

Stats: traffic volumes, turnover growth

During a month, advertising formats performed in Philippines this way (1/07/2022 — 30/07/2022):

Push notifications brought a really huge amount of impressions, plus – 2+% growth in clicks and impressions. Onclick also shows impressive results and growth in impressions (2,5%) and conversions (almost 20%). Our Sales recommend these formats for particular verticals. Which ones – read below.

Tips on campaign launch

We recommend:

Focus on eCommerce launched on Onclick with Smart CPM and CPM pricing models. Start with Smart CPM and stick to the custom CPM. In a while, optimize your campaign adjusting rates for the best-performing zones.

For iGaming, try Onclick on CPA Goal and Smart CPM pricing models.

For Finance and, namely – Loan offers – try Push notifications on CPA Goal.

And now let’s check the stats by platforms (1/05/2022 – 1/08/2022) to know which users to target in Philippines:

Best performing platform

Again, Android brings the largest amount of impressions, clicks and conversions + growth in clicks ( +7.55%) and conversions (+13.88%) during a month. General iOS results are lower, but this OS can also boast of conversions (+25.41%) and clicks (+26.64%) increase.

Basic settings for your campaign can look this way:

  • Vertical: eCommerce / iGaming / Finance / Mobile content / Utilities / Sweepstakes
  • Ad format: Onclick / Push
  • Platform: Android – Mobile / Windows – Desktop
  • Pricing model: Smart CPM and CPM / CPA Goal

As you can see, the choice of a vertical is pretty large for the Philippines, so you have freedom here. Plus, regulations for iGaming and Finance shouldn’t bother you in this GEO, which makes it even more appealing for your campaigns.

Examples of creatives that work

Philippines ads creative example

Push notification translation:

Easy way to get a loan, Request money

Pay attention – on the first banner, we see Philipinian peso, not dollars or euros, which makes the ad more relevant. The second one is written in the Filipino language, even though the locals understand English (used on the first banner and still works good), we recommend trying their native Filipino.


Finance and iGaming perform the best in India, especially crypto and online games. Target Android Mobile or Windows desktop users, Push or Onclick format (regarding your chosen vertical), and CPC or CPA Goal pricing model for Onlclick and Push accordingly.

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