What is Attraction Marketing & How to Use it to Grow Your Business?

Attraction marketing is when your customers are attracted to purchasing your products without being told to do so. Using attraction marketing in your marketing plan helps you cut through the competition and create a stronger connection with your audience. 

This means generating more sales and more brand loyalty. 

If you understand the value of inbound marketing and content marketing, then adding attraction marketing into the mix is critical. The great thing is that there are plenty of ways to use it in your digital marketing strategy. 

So what exactly is attraction marketing, and how does it work? We’ll explain it all in our guide below. 

  1. What is Attraction Marketing?
  2. Why is Attraction Marketing a Good Strategy?
  3. How to Implement an Attraction Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps
  4. How to Develop an Attraction Marketing Campaign
  5. Online Attraction Marketing Examples

What is Attraction Marketing?

As the name suggests, attraction marketing is all about drawing customers to your business. 

Attraction marketing is the process of providing valuable information about your product or service before convincing a customer to purchase it. When done right, attraction marketing can help you generate leads, increase brand awareness, and develop more loyalty toward your brand.

For example, attraction marketing strategies could take an influencer and have them say something like “this is why I used this product” instead of “this is why you need this product.” 

Doing so generates interest in the product without directly telling the audience to purchase it. Makes sense?

Attraction marketing is also about making your brand come across as the more attractive option compared to your competitors by deeply focusing on the value of your product. 

Why is Attraction Marketing a Good Strategy? 

Attraction marketing draws customers to your brand in an organic way. 

This marketing strategy helps to set your brand apart from the competition by making it a more appealing option. This is achieved by providing more insights and details on what your product or service does and why it’s a great choice. 

Attraction marketing can also get your potential customers actively involved with your brand before they make a purchase. For example, a good attraction marketing strategy could be to offer a free version of your product, free samples, or some kind of DIY demo of what your products can do. This gets your potential customers involved and lets them see the value of your products before convincing them to make a purchase. 

Here’s an example of attraction marketing strategies in action on a brand’s website:

attraction marketing example

This is a good strategy because it adds value to your customers, which is essential for boosting sales and increasing satisfaction. 

Attraction marketing strategies are also great for lead generation. This is because sharing educational or accessible content is important for nurturing leads during their buying journey. When it’s time for the lead to make a purchase decision, your brand is already well established in their mind. 

Attraction marketing helps to improve brand perception, clear up any questions about your brand, and instill memorable marketing messages in people’s minds before they choose to become a customer. All of this can help you create a greater impact with new customers.

How to Implement an Attraction Marketing Strategy: 3 Steps

An attraction marketing strategy focuses on sharing a story with your target audience. This helps to create an emotional connection with your customers before they decide to purchase.

There are three important stages in implementing attraction marketing.

1. Establish a Connection With Your Target Audience

Attraction marketing is all about empowering your potential customers and developing an emotional connection with them. You don’t just want to show what your product does – you want to find a way to get them to really feel the benefits of your product. 

Achieving this comes down to using the right language, understanding your audience, talking to their pain points, and answering their questions.

2. Mention Benefits With Features

When talking about your product to customers, don’t only list features. Instead, list product features and link this to the potential benefits that they offer a user. 

Try to incorporate real-life examples into this so that the user can see themselves using the product and that they understand the benefits they will get out of this. 

3. Highlight the Value

Finally, emphasize the value a user will get from using your product. What will their life look like after they have used your product? How will it help them? What value will they get from your product compared to competitors?

attraction marketing testimonial
Image: AppSumo Blog

By using this three-step attraction marketing formula, you’ll be able to attract and engage prospects successfully. This formula will help you deliver more powerful messages to potential customers that create a greater impact. 

How to Develop an Attraction Marketing Campaign

Putting together an attraction marketing strategy requires some creativity. There are no rules here, so you can come up with all kinds of attraction marketing ideas and tactics that work for your product. This could be as simple as handing out free samples in a grocery store, or it could be creating a more complex workshop event to attract new customers. 

Whatever the case, here are some of the most tried and tested attraction marketing tips and strategies that you can use to implement a powerful campaign. 

1. Use the Right Channel

The first step to successful attraction marketing is using the right channel for your product and audience. Remember, you want to tell a story and sell your audience an experience – not just push your product. 

Attraction marketing can be done in person (like giving away samples), but it can also be done online, which is what we’ll focus on. Some of the best online channels for attraction marketing are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and email marketing. This is because these channels are either visual, or they allow you to tell a detailed story to your customers.

Your brand could use these channels to sell an engaging story, or you could work with influencers to sell that story for you. 

2. Get Personal

You don’t want to come across as a marketer when running attraction marketing campaigns. Instead, you want to show some personality behind your brand and connect with your customers as a human.

A great way to do this is to understand your customers and their pain points and find the right angle to reveal how your brand can fit into their life. Don’t just recycle generic messages – connect with your customers on a level that helps them. 

Of course, adding a human being to your images and narrative is always a great way to personalize your attraction marketing efforts.

3. Be Transparent 

Yes you want to add value and highlight your benefits, but doing this too much can come across as being too… salesy. This is why it’s important to also be very transparent about your product features and what your product actually does. This also helps to back up any claims you make. 

For example, if you’re telling customers that your product will save them time, explain, it will save you time because of X, Y, and Z features”. This is being transparent about your product and what it can actually do. It will help you build trust and highlight the value of your offering even more. 

4. Incorporate Social Proof

You don’t want customers to feel like you’re pushing a sale too hard. Instead, you want them to develop trust in your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to highlight social proof. 

Share reviews from other customers, awards you’ve won, customer testimonials, case studies, and anything else that shows your products in the real world. This will help you to keep it real and show that what you’re trying to tell your customers is legitimate. 

attraction marketing testimonial example

5. Create Content That Matches Your Audiences Needs

If you’re going to do attraction marketing online, then you’ll need to have a solid content marketing plan in place. To do this, you’ll need to understand your audience and what motivates them. Understand your audience’s interests, pain points, and desires. 

What questions do they have that need to be answered? What kind of value do they want to get from your product? 

Establish all of this by creating a detailed customer persona. Then, publish marketing content that matches all of these elements. 

You can publish blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media messages, and more. The important thing is that you’re consistent and that your content offers genuine value. This is essential for a successful attraction marketing strategy. 

Online Attraction Marketing Examples

Now you understand how to put together your attraction marketing formula, it’s time to implement this. But what does attraction marketing actually look like online? 

Here are some of the best examples of attraction marketing in action to help boost and motivate your own attraction marketing efforts. 

1. Social Media

Social media platforms form the basis of online attraction marketing. Why? Because social media lets you create an authentic connection with your audience, tell a story, and share relatable content.  

The most straightforward way to use social media for attraction marketing is to tell a story and create a connection with your audience. Post images and videos of your product in action, highlighting what it does and what it can help you achieve. 

You can create loads of social media content and do this consistently Each time, targeting a new pain point or question. This is a great way to create an in-depth attraction marketing plan. 

2. Influencers

Influencer marketing is massive, offering enormous potential to grow any brand. It’s also a great attraction marketing strategy. 

You can work with influencers on any social media platform. The great thing is that influencers can help show your audience how your product works and why they love and use it. This develops important social proof, as well as generates a story around your brand. 

Influencers cover practically any niche, with audiences of all sizes. Tapping into the right influencer’s audience can have a big impact on your brand’s popularity. Just make sure that the influencer makes sense for your product and that they can generate an authentic attraction marketing message. 

attraction marketing influencer
Image: Oberlo

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most reliable and effective marketing strategies. The great thing about email is that it allows you to communicate directly with your customers – sending messages to them that land right in their inboxes. 

Email lets you tell a story and share valuable, meaningful insights with customers. This makes it the ideal attraction marketing tactic. 

Follow this guide to email marketing examples to help you get some inspiration. 

attraction marketing email example

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about publishing helpful, interesting, educational, and meaningful content for your audience. This is pretty much exactly what attraction marketing is all about. 

This content can be in the form of videos, blog posts, and more. An important part of content marketing is applying SEO tactics to make your content easy for your audience to find. This means your audience finds your content automatically and is attracted to your brand without you pushing marketing messages on them. This is attraction marketing in a nutshell. 


Get it right, and attraction marketing can be one of the most powerful ways to grow your brand. The whole appeal of attraction marketing is that it’s organic. You don’t annoy your audience. Instead, you draw them towards you and inspire them. 

This can help to create a more authentic connection with customers, which can help you improve brand loyalty and repeat customers. 

Attraction marketing is used in many different areas of digital marketing. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re probably applying attraction marketing strategies for your brand right now. 

By using the formula above and being conscious of creating attraction marketing messages, you should be able to achieve better results in growing your brand. 

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