Considering A Career In Web Development While Balancing A Family Life

Are you a parent considering a change in career and becoming a web developer? For many parents the ideal situation is to have the freedom to work from home and within a sector that is urgently required.

A web development career is a much needed skill, with progression and freedom.

What’s a typical day for a developer?

A typical day for a developer might involve sorting through high-priority activities, meeting client deadlines and being organised. If you work in an agency environment, a project manager will probably be there to help you with your responsibilities.

It’s possible that you’ll meet with clients to go over programming changes, what you did to enhance the website or application and your future plans. Although there are some stressors associated with web development, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort, it can be a very rewarding career in many ways.

Where to begin when you have a family?

Do you have the time to take a course at the university or even a night course? Juggling job and family obligations might be challenging, but it is possible. All you need to get started is a laptop and there are many types of development tutorials, free online tools and videos available. A degree and education aren’t always necessary, with so many sources available online you can teach yourself development.

Even though you could start staying up later than usual, it will be worthwhile in the long run.  With the help of the many STEM learning items available, you can even keep your kids occupied and interested in what you are doing. These products introduce kids to electronics and coding from an early age. To further your development, you may even do more challenging electronic tasks. For example, you could start your own Beagleboard projects to engage that part of your brain.

Why being a parent and a developer is a positive

You can teach your kids how to code; whether or not they utilise it in the future is irrelevant because the experience will benefit them greatly. Learning to code can boost students’ confidence and general academic performance while also enhancing their math, writing and creative skills.

Almost every gadget we use in modern life, including home appliances, cash machines and Terminals, is powered by a computer.

Your kids will be more prepared for the world since it’s not all about video games, laptops and tablets!


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