Do Solar Panels Affect Neighbors Property Values?

How Solar Panels Impact A Property's Value

Having a  solar panel system is becoming common among homeowners due to the benefits it can give to users. The benefits can indeed give conveniences to homeowners and can help them save a lot in their bills. But how about the question “Do Solar Panels Affect Neighbors Property Values?” let try to check on how solar panel affect the neighborhood by answering the following question:

Do Solar Panels Increase Property Value?

Solar Panel Appraisal Value can range from 3 to 4% basing on the market value of the property where it is installed. When selling your home it will be wise to find a buyer who knows how much benefits they can rip off once they use solar energy. That way you can be able to justify the increase in the market value of your home. If your buyer is aware of how the solar panel system works then  they won’t ask too many questions. 

Can I Object To My Neighbors Solar Panels?

Not all people can understand how solar panel systems work and some worry that it can bring hazard to them, once installed in their homes or near them. Solar panels neighbor complaints may arise due to lack of knowledge or personal interest so you have to be cautious and consider the following situations:

  • If your Area has Strata agreement then you have to ask permission from your neighbors. 
  • If your community has a home association then you have to get their opinion before having solar panels installed in your home. 
  • If you have a street facing roof then getting permissions from your neighbors that can be reflected with your solar panel.
  • If you are in a heritage-listed home, there are restrictions in making improvements which means you have to ask permission before installing your solar panel. 

These are the situations where permission is needed. Being familiar with how solar panel systems work can help in settling disputes about solar panel installation of your neighbors. Basically there will be no major harm done, unless their solar panel is blocking your view or blocking the sun rays going to your home. As they say everything can be talked about to avoid coming to an argument.  

What is the Solar Farm Impact On Property Value?

Although there are no recorded negative effects on property values near solar farms , some residents are hesitant in having a solar farm in their neighborhood. Maybe because they are not educated enough on the impact of solar farms in their neighborhood, maybe they have personal issues for them to doubt the building of solar farms near them. 

Do Solar Panels Affect Neighbors Property Values?

The solar panel system can only benefit the household where it is installed. Basically solar panels work only in your home and your neighbor can not rip the benefits you can have unless they have their own solar system installed. Maybe your neighbor can benefit in a way that you are contributing to lessening the toxic gases in the air in your community by utilizing solar as your source of energy. For the property value, if there are many solar power users in your community it is possible that the property values of all homes increases. However, if you are alone in the area or only a few then your home will only be the one to get appraisal just in case you plan to sell your home. 

New Orleans Residential Solar Services are offering solar panels installation and they can guide you on where to start. Getting a solar installation can be a good investment to increase your property’s market values. Who knows if you will be selling your property in the future, or even if you are not you will still benefit from it. Solar panels will not only give additional value to your home but also give you other benefits such as: 

  • Lower Monthly Electricity Bills 
  • Low Maintenance Cost 
  • Energy Use is Monitored

These are just a few of the benefits you can get from the solar panel system and many more. Hope we didn’t just answer your question on “Do Solar Panels Affect Neighbors Property Values?” but have also given you information on how solar panels can improve your home and educate you in the importance of the things needed to be done.