How to Pay All Utility Bills Online Within Minutes?

Use a payments bank, pay your bills in a jiffy - Aditya Vyas - Medium

The world has changed from previous years and has become busier. With busy lifestyles and hefty work schedules, people find it difficult to pay their utility bills standing in queues. Therefore, to make life much more comfortable and stress-free, online payment gateways evolved. Paying the monthly utility bills online makes life more manageable with the entire process completed in minutes. Furthermore, the bills can be paid from anywhere at any time. Online bill payments have turned out to be time-saving, and money-saving. It has become the first choice, particularly in the present COVID-19 pandemic circumstances where moving out is difficult. 

You need to have an internet connection in the smartphone and the electricity bill payment online can be done even in a tea-break while sitting in the office. Register once on the official website, and make the payment every month from your convenient place, at a convenient time. Online payment platforms allow users to pay 24 x 7 without any time constraints.

How to pay electricity bill online?

The electricity bill is an important utility bill in Indian homes. In this age of digitization, we cannot expect the smooth running of operations without electricity. So, it is necessary to pay a bill on time with no interrupted power supply. Here are some beneficial methods of paying bills online, on-time without any delay.

  1. Bill payment through devoted websites

On the electricity bills, the state website is mentioned where the bill can be paid. It is one of the more commonly used ways by a huge number of people. These websites suggest some options to pay the bill like debit card, credit card or net banking. As per the convenience, one can choose and pay the bill in minutes. 

  1. Airtel Payments Bank

Airtel Payments Bank is a website that allows you to utility bill payment online like electricity bills and water bills. Besides these, you can also pay your gas payments, do your mobile recharges, and make your travel booking, etc. here. The users of the website are required to register for one time. And then they can make the payments as and when required by logging in with the required details. You can also avail any cashback or discounts from time to time. This can help you save money on your payments.

  1. Bill payment through digital wallets

Digital wallets are the best and secure ways of making electricity bill payment online. You can also pay other utility bills using these. Portals like Paytm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and many others also benefit their users with the cashback and other exciting discounts. These digital wallets make life hassle-free and easy. So, you can opt for these and make cashless payments.

With evolving technology pay all utility bills online within minutes by employing any of the methods above. Make life simple and easier by paying bills online.