LinkedIn’s B2B Marketing Trends, SEO Adoption Climbs, & New Pew & Gartner Marketing Reports

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LinkedIn Details 3 B-to-B Marketing Trends That Will Shape 2023
The B2B marketing industry will undergo significant transformation in 2023 and beyond, with more personalized and meaningful outreach, a shift to minimizing risks, and greater engagement with high-probability buyers — three of several findings of interest to B2B marketers from LinkedIn (client) shared with Adweek. Adweek

Podcasts Are Now A Top Source of Thought Leadership Content in the US
Social media business influencers, traditional email newsletters, also with webinars and virtual panels joined business podcasts as the top thought leadership content sources among business decision-makers, according to recently-released survey data. MarketingCharts

New LinkedIn Analytics: More Insight Into Followers & Top Posts
Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has rolled out an array of new performance measurement features for posts on the professional social media platform, including new content impression and interaction data, along with updated follower demographic information, LinkedIn recently announced. Search Engine Journal

Nine Revisions Later, 2022 Global Ad Consensus Ends Close To Where It Began
Advertising spending growth for 2022 is expected to come in at 7.6 percent in the latest consensus forecast data from Dentsu, GroupM, Magna, and Zenith, with 2023 expansion of 6.6 percent now expected, with 2024 ad spend forecast to rise by 5.6 percent, according to newly-published MediaPost data. MediaPost

Google’s Desktop Search Results Are Now Continuously Scrollable
Search results that would have previously taken up to six pages to click through are now displayed in one continuously-scrollable search engine result page (SERP), changing the nature of what marketers consider a traditional first-page ranking, as Google has launched its latest desktop search update, the search giant recently announed. Search Engine Journal

Of All Their Worries, CMOs and Brand Managers Are Most Concerned with ROI
When it comes to the top concerns facing chief marketing officers and other brand managers, return on investment (ROI), work location, inflation, and increasing profits were seen as the top concerns, according to newly-published survey data of interest to B2B marketers. MarketingCharts

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Reddit Adds Images in Comments for Selected Communities
Social news aggregator and discussion platform Reddit has rolled out a new option that allows images in certain message thread comments — presently limited to some 1,500 of the platform’s subreddits — offering marketers new brand exposure opportunities on the social platform, Reddit recently announced. Social Media Today

Gartner: Uncertainty clouds CMO prospects for 2023
Some 75 percent of audiences have looked online for information about brands unfamiliar to them, as increasing brand loyalty and value were seen among the major 2023 trends forecast in newly-published CMO research from Gartner. Disruptive market dynamics and changing customer behaviors were also seen as factors marketers can be expected to increasingly face in 2023. Marketing Dive

Social Media Seen as Mostly Good for Democracy Across Many Nations, But U.S. is a Major Outlier
A new Pew study shows that social media usage has climbed by 22 percent over the past decade, and over the past 20 years in the U.S. Internet usage has risen from 64 percent in 2002 to some 93 percent in 2022, according to the recently-released study data. Pew Research Center

SEO Adoption Rates Rising As Marketers See Benefits
90 percent of enterprise search marketers have said that they see search engine optimization (SEO) as an important or extremely important channel in forthcoming 2023 marketing strategy, with 56 percent pinpointing SEO as extremely important in light of increasingly-scrutinized budgets — two of several findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in newly-published survey results. MediaPost

“Investing in SEO and PPC are two
halves of the same coin. They both require patience, strategy, and an understanding of how they work together to produce successful outcomes over time.” — Jim Yu @JimYu
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