Meet our new partner: Leadoo

We’re really proud to announce our latest partnership with Leadoo Marketing Technologies.

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C brand, many customers are now digital native buyers, demanding a more personalised online experience. With the days of websites being merely a destination for content long gone, Leadoo’s website technology helps brands to optimise for conversions, gain a deeper understanding of their visitors and customers, and help them to reach their conversion goals.

Julio Taylor, our CEO, said: “We’ve always been impressed with the care and attention that Leadoo gives their partners. At Hallam, we’re always interested in new opportunities and we’ve always been proactive in searching for better ways of improving our tech stack, especially with partners such as Leadoo who have a combination of exciting products and experience in their field.”

Leadoo’s technology shares insights about your website visitors to enable smarter, data-driven decisions so that your website can become one of your top-performing sales channels. 

Julio continued: “The way people interact with websites is evolving all the time. With the rise of privacy and the growing demands on attention spans, it’s more important than ever to keep improving and evolving how we ask customers to interact with websites. Leadoo’s offering is ideal to help marketers navigate this changing environment.”

Santtu Kottila, CMO at Leadoo Marketing Technologies, said: “Hallam is an example of excellence in their field, and we are more than excited to begin working with them and their clients to deepen their understanding of their customers and continuously optimise for conversions. Hallam has extensive experience in the digital marketing space and their team can cover pretty much all aspects of modern online marketing. The partnership with Hallam is once again another stepping stone in order for us to help our clients master digital marketing holistically.”

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