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The difference is that Social media marketing, unlike social media management is defined as leveraging social media platforms to connect and engage with your audience. Social media marketing is the process where you build your brand, and in doing so increase sales and drive more traffic to your URLs.

Social media management is the process where you manage your online presence on social media platforms. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and the entire list of “Usual Suspects”. Social media management is where you create and post consistent and useful posts, publishing but also analyzing the content you post. Establish the best posting times with the highest response rate.

Surprisingly, I found a much better response rate with social media management during the early AM hours. Strange, but true. However, that does not mean it will also be the best time for you to post. Every social media management and/or requirement or task and results are different. Based on niche, consistency, and timing.

A Quick Peek Into Facebook Growth over 7 Days!

Facebook Audience Growth with Social Media Management and Marketing
Social Media Management and Marketing Audience Stats

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The primary difference between social media management and social media marketing is this. Therefore, Social media marketing focuses more on engagement and connecting with your audience to build recognition and trust. Where social media management takes care of the presentation, posting, consistency, and timing.

Your primary objective is to build a large responsive audience that engages with your posts. They like, comment, and share because you have targeted an interested audience! As illustrated above, an 86% Audience Growth with an 83% Engagement rate within 6 Days! But you will learn how to do that a little later, keep reading.

The Next Step in Social Media Management and Marketing!

In a word, Automation! Making money online with social media management and social media marketing can be exhausting. Why? Simple, it gets harder by the day to keep up with your competitors. Simply because it is not even remotely possible to create more than 10 unique posts when you have like a hundred Pages, Groups, Spaces, and/or communities to keep entertained.

Therefore, if you do not use any social media management and post scheduling tools you may find it a lot more competitive to keep up. But not just any management tools, no, you need the kind of tools that also provide you with top quality content. Content from sites like Bing and YouTube and even Reddit. That way you are populating your social platforms with high-ranking content and URLs.

Quality Content Already Ranking in Search Engines.

It matters what kind of content and strategy you use with social media and social media marketing; it matters a lot! Because I have tested just about every social media management and automation tool available on Earth (All the Top Ones Anyway)! I have never seen anything even remotely as effective as the social media management tool I am using at the moment!

Therefore, the Best Part? You can schedule Unlimited Posts to Unlimited Social Profiles for a mere $10 per month. I can assure you, among the competitors, you will find nothing remotely offering you that amount of posts and profiles for that tiny investment. But we will get to the added magic of this particular social media management and marketing automation tool.

Posting High-Ranking Content without Writing a Single Word!

Yes, you must have guessed it. Because using other people’s content already ranking in all major search engines is an excellent strategy. In my opinion, a backlink from an authority site to your page, group or community will have a long-term effect in increased popularity.

With this particular social media management and marketing automation tool. You get to choose high-ranking and high-quality useful content from sites like Tumblr, Bing, YouTube, Reddit, Flicker, Amazon, eBay, and Unsplash. Content responsible for outstanding growth results.

SocialMedia Management and Facebook

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8 Steps to Social Media Marketing and Management Automation!

For this social media management and marketing technique to work for you. You will need to complete these 8 steps. But we are not going to get into the step-by-step on that. No, you have Google and YouTube to research and learn how to do that on your own.

Taking a Look at the 8 Components to Drive traffic.

Sign Up with an Affiliate Network (Free)

Decide on Your Profitable Niche (Free)

Sign Up with Canva (Free)

Create Facebook Pages (Free)

Design and Launch Facebook Groups (Free)

Create Google Sites (Free)

Launch Quora Spaces (Free)

Automate Consistency and Timing (Free)

Completing these steps will require a lot of research and watching a lot of training videos from your side. But when you figure it out, you will have also gained an arsenal of knowledge. While the whole post scheduling will involve social media management and a marketing tool called FPTraffic. For Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, and Instagram.

As for the social media management part of Quora Spaces, they provide you with free tools to execute post scheduling, also along with all the content you need. So, with the tool mentioned, along with Quora post scheduling you have consistency and timing on your site. Which is a priceless advantage with social media management and marketing.

Let’s take a look at a Quick Summary of the Tools you will need. For this technique to work for you and generate sales.

Basic Working of the Social Media Marketing and Management Strategy.

While I am still testing this particular social media management and social media marketing technique, the results (Only 7 Days Later) speak for themselves. While I am only revealing the basic structure, as mentioned before. You can read how to assemble this traffic beast by reading my latest ISSUU publication HERE.

After all the above-mentioned steps toward your social media management and social media marketing business are complete. By creating all the Groups, Pages and Quora Spaces, it is time to activate the automation. Because this is money-making on autopilot! Providing you get to know your way around Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages and Quora Spaces. And just as a little taste, your Quora Space can grow rather gigantically. Providing you follow these Assembly Steps On ISSUU.

Social Media management and Marketing on Quora Spaces
Quora Space Statistics for 7 Days!

456,000 Views in 7 Days! The statistics cannot lie, and the beauty is that it only takes 8 steps to put this all together! Because the technique I am about to teach you is just an introduction to my upcoming Digital Product launch (Membership Site) on Clickbank.

The final piece of this social media and marketing strategy. Is to create pinned posts for Facebook Pages and Quora Spaces. While creating Featured Posts for Facebook Groups. The pinned post must redirect to your Google Site, which in turn redirects to your affiliate offer. That way, all those hundreds of thousands of visitors through consistent posting at the right time. See your pinned post first. Well, you do the math.

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