The Benefits of a Travel Insurance Policy That You Should Not Miss on Your Next Trip

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Travelling opens a world of fresh experiences, cultures and memories to cherish for life. Travelling is something that everyone thoroughly loves. And now that the travel restrictions in the post pandemic world are being gradually eased, people are ready to take domestic and international trips more than ever. While it provides an opportunity to live your life outside work, it poses certain challenges. Hence, it is crucial to plan for your travels.

Planning in travels must not be restricted to charting out the itinerary but availing the safety cushion of a travel insurance plan. For that, just when you book your flight tickets, you can buy travel insurance online in the same breath. The slightest inconvenience in a foreign land may pose a big challenge, both financial as well as mentally. To alleviate such financial hassles, it is necessary to keep these travel benefits in mind and not miss on getting a travel insurance the next time you’re taking your flight.

  • Delay and loss of baggage: Misplaced or delayed baggage is a common travel inconvenience that all, if not experienced, might have heard about. With a general insurance cover for your travels, any such loss or delays resulting in financial implications can be taken up with the insurance company. While airlines offer compensation for such delay beyond a specific time, it is often not adequate and thus a travel insurance policy helps. *
  • Hospitalisation cover: Medical emergencies occur at the most unexpected situations. Any case of medical exigency in a foreign land is not covered generally covered by your health insurance plan. That’s where a travel insurance comes to the rescue. As the treatment cost in developed nations is sky-high as compared to India, a minor treatment may also burn a hole in your wallet. With a travel policy by your side, you need not worry about such medical emergencies. In some specified countries at certain medical facilities, the insurer may even provide cashless hospitalisation. Such hospitalisation coverage is specifically a part of a travel insurance for senior citizens as they are the most vulnerable age group. *
  • Trip cancellation and missed flights: Missing a flight can derail your entire trip’s itinerary—right from hotel accommodations to travel arrangements. While the cause of such fault may be due to a delay by the airline, the insurance cover compensates for the financial loss of such delay. In some extreme cases, if the entire trip is cancelled, the travel insurance plan compensates for such financial setbacks too. *
  • Personal liability protection: A travel insurance plan also offers protection against personal liabilities incurred in a foreign country. Such a liability might be as a result of an involuntary action but may attract legal consequences. A personal liability cover also includes a third-party legal cover in its scope. *
  • Emergency evacuation: In case of an unfortunate situation in the country of your travel, it might be required to evacuate you. Your travel insurance plan ensures any financial costs for such evacuation are covered by the insurer ensuring your safety. *

* Standard T&C Apply

With these different benefits a travel policy has on offer, it is a hard to miss safety net in time of travels filled with uncertainties. So, do not put off buying one to save a couple hundred rupees; instead, invest them in the right travel plan for peace of mind. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.