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Ecommerce is probably one of the few industries that boomed manifold during the two years of the pandemic that otherwise wreaked havoc on global businesses. In fact, US ecommerce sales are expected to cross the $1 trillion mark for the first time in 2022; a number experts didn’t expect to be met until 2024. The reasons for this growth are obvious when you get down to thinking about it.

Global lockdowns forced most consumers to change their spending habits and shift to primarily online purchases. Even as the restrictions have now been lifted in most countries, the consumer mindset seems to have held on to the idea of online shopping. This mindset has been the core reason for the birth of millions of ecommerce players that are now vying for the consumers’ attention.

If you’re already an entrepreneur, you likely know that working from the ground up and taking care of every little detail is really what creates the greatest impact on the overall success of your business. But what are these details? What are all the factors that affect the big picture? And where does the building of a brand, particularly an ecommerce brand, really begin?

As with any story, we find that the beginning is the best place to start for a brand story. And in this beginning comes the domain name of an ecommerce brand.

This domain name is perhaps one of the biggest contributors to the success of your business in the long run. After all, it is the very identity of your business!

But do you know what it takes to find the best ecommerce domain names? Do you know how to choose the perfect one? This eBook is meant to help you with precisely that.

It will clear up any doubts you might have about why domain names are important, what not to do when choosing a domain name for your ecommerce site, and how to use your domain name for business growth.

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Before we get into that, let us first look at the real issue at hand: the availability of desirable domain names or their lack thereof. Or perhaps we should call them the five words you dread most when looking for a domain name.

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“That domain name is already taken!”

So, what do you do if your perfect domain name is already taken? Most business owners follow a common practice to get a name at least close to the one they had initially wanted. In short, they make compromises with the very name of their business! Here are some of the most prevalent routes business owners take when they find themselves in such a situation:

  • Add a filler word such as “the,” “now,” “app,” “hub,” etc. (e.g.,
  • Add a hyphen (e.g.,
  • Add a number (e.g.,

But, as a business owner, ask yourself this: Are any of these strategies really effective? Chances are, your answer is a loud and clear no.

There really should not be a reason for you to settle for an ecommerce domain name that is not just less meaningful to your business but also incredibly hard for your audience to remember. Because at the end of the day, the best ecommerce domain names must:

  • Reflect on the offerings of the business at a glance
  • Be short and easy to type and remember
  • Add credibility to your venture

So what do you do to find such a name? We’d like to break the answer down into a two-step strategy.

Step 1: Use a name generator

One of the first things you could try in searching for the perfect ecommerce domain name is using a name generator. Most name generators on the internet will ask for a few keywords about your business and throw out dozens, if not hundreds, of options for you to choose from. This has the potential to take away days of brainstorming names and help you concentrate on all the other aspects of your business as well.

But before you go ahead and Google name generators, remember that not all of them were made equal. Most name generators will simply put together keywords into something that might resemble a brand name. The result can often be a strange jumble of words that aren’t memorable, much less meaningful.

This is why we suggest hitting up Namify. It’s a smart name generator that considers the industry you’re in along with the keywords you’ve suggested. Only then does it create meaningful name pairings as suggestions for your ecommerce domain name. But it doesn’t stop there. It goes ahead and does far more than your average name generator.

Namify suggests future proof domain names

Many name generators offer trendy suggestions. While these are often very helpful in the short run, they can age poorly or go entirely out of fashion in just a few short months. Namify’s database instead generates ecommerce domain names that can stand the test of time and keep accelerating your business.

Namify will recommend matching social media handles

Namify crawls the internet for social media handles that can be an exact match for your ecommerce domain name. This way, not only do you get the best domain name possible, but you also get social media handles to match. This translates into both trust and ease of use for your potential consumers.

You’ll get free logo options with Namify

With a great domain name comes a great logo. That isn’t just something Namify seems to believe in but actually offers. When you purchase a domain name from Namify’s suggestions, you also get multiple sophisticated logo suggestions. This means that not only is your ecommerce domain name easy to remember, but it is also visually stunning!

Step 2: Look for domain names with newer ecommerce domain extensions

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Using a smart name generator like Namify can help you get an excellent ecommerce domain name. But what about the domain extension? What if something else worked even better than the generic .com extension? What if it became more than an extension to your ecommerce domain name?

Here are at least two reasons why a newer, more modern ecommerce-specific domain extension such as .Store might be better for your business.

.Store domains are keyword rich

Keywords are the basis of any search engine on the internet today. Use the right ones often enough, and you can hit the top of the page. With a modern domain extension like .Store you are turning your ecommerce domain name into a heavily searched keyword!

Think about it; people across the world already search for keywords like pet store near me, cleaning supplies store, online grocery store, and so on. This is basically SEO gold. And we all know that the better a website’s SEO, the more traffic it gets. And the higher the traffic, the greater the chances of a sale and, in turn, business success!

Customers know what kind of website they’re on with a .Store domain

Like we said earlier, there are millions of ecommerce businesses active on the internet today. Most of them continue to use a .com extension. But when you use a .Store extension for your ecommerce brand, you’re instantly letting visitors know that they’ve come to a store. The simpler you make your visitors’ lives, the more credibility you form with them. And again, the more success for your business.

Shorter, more meaningful domain names are available on .Store

New domain extensions will make shorter, crisper names available to your ecommerce business. For instance, instead of, you could run with Moreover, search giants like Google prefer shorter domain names and help them get noticed far more quickly.

These two steps are likely enough to get you started on the path to finding the best ecommerce domain name for your business. But the journey of getting to that one specific name that checks all the boxes can take many more turns. You will need to think about multiple aspects before finalizing your ecommerce business’s domain name. And just for those twists and turns, we’ve created the ebook below.

It will help you unpack all those layers to choose your ecommerce domain name. It will tell you about the strategy involved in finding the perfect domain name in greater detail. It will tell you more about the benefits of each of the newer domain extensions. And it will give you real-life examples of businesses that have used such domain extensions and found immense success.

Just to give you a gist, some of the fundamental questions this ebook answers are:

What are new domain extensions, and which one is right for you?

  • How do new extensions help in branding, marketing, and positioning?
  • Who else is using new domain extensions?
  • How do domain names influence consumer psychology?

… and so much more!

So go on and check out the free ebook now because it holds all the answers to questions you might have about finding and choosing the best ecommerce domain name for your business.

This article is updated and was originally published in 2020.

Image by: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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