Top Web Hosting Software Options

9 Best Web Hosting Services for Developers [2023 UPDATE]

Although the web hosting industry had a humble start, irrespective of that, it has successfully grown into a billion-dollar industry. 

The most exciting aspect of this industry was that it was ruled by open-source software at every level, for instance, Linux web hosting software, WordPress, etc., creating an opportunity for everyone to use and enhance these tools, ensuring that the industry remains accessible and innovative.

With so many options available, selecting the right web hosting software becomes critical as it significantly shapes your business’s online presence. 

In this article, we shall look at a few top web hosting software options, so if you are looking for web hosting and domain, keep reading.

Best Web Hosting Software

  1. cPanel

cPanel has a reputation as the best web hosting software, especially among small to medium enterprises. Its intuitive graphical interface makes managing websites and servers easy peasy. 

It also has a Linux-based control panel with a range of hosting management features, which include-

  • Email management, 
  • File management,
  •  Security and
  •  Database management

Advantages of cPanel

  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Supports and manages website file email accounts, database, and server
  • Use various tools for managing domains.
  • Supports Backup
  • Strong security
  1. Plesk

Plesk is considered a bull of the web hosting market as it shares over 74% of the total market, which makes it a popular option among big firms. Like cPanel, it has a graphical interface that helps to manage websites and servers.

It is available for Windows and Linux servers with various features, including mail management, website-building tools, and security. 

Further, it is also scalable, flexible, and highly used, as it supports a wide range of hosting environments and configurations. It comes with various features that include tools for managing security, support system backups and major other functionalities.

  1. DirectAdmin

 DirectAdmin is another popular option with a lightweight Linux web hosting-based control panel typically used for management. Similar to the above two, it offers a graphical user interface that supports easy management of web hosting accounts. 

It comes with various features such as mail management, domain name management, file and folder management, website statistics, etc.

  1. Webmin

Webmin is a flexibly versatile tool that helps to manage diverse aspects of server administration and is mainly helpful for website owners who ought to be experienced in the command-line interface. 

It has Linux and Unix-based servers, and it is loved by those businesses who believe in having a single tool, i.e., to manage all aspects of their servers.

  1. ISPConfig

The unique selling point of ISPConfig is customization, stability, security, and open-source nature. It has a versatile control panel that simplifies server administration for websites, making it a trustworthy and safe option in the web hosting industry. 

It, too, has a Linux-based web hosting control panel that supports the management of multiple websites. It has features like email, file, database, and DNS management.

  1. Virtualmin

It is a web-based virtual server management dashboard delivering exhaustive features for website management, email hosting, backup, restore, and domain name management. It is flexible, highly scalable, and supports various virtualization technologies, including OpenVZ, Xen, KVM, and VMware.

Again, it a also an open-source that allows hosting providers and website owners to customize and add fresh features as is a popular choice for large hosting providers and website owners.


The web hosting industry has shown remarkable growth, fueled by open-source software like Linux web hosting, WordPress, and many others, creating a valuable opportunity for innovation.

Though several options are available in the market, web hosting that provides diverse features and caters to different needs and preferences is essential. 

Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate your requirements and choose the option that fits you best, as the right option will help you create a solid digital footprint in the NZ web hosting industry.

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