What You Need to Know About Wholesale Engagement Rings with 4-carat Diamonds in Dallas

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Are you a businessman from Dallas, Texas who wants to make diamonds your business? Then  you should include wholesale engagement rings with 4-carat diamonds in  Dallas as one of your products. People continuously buy Engagement rings with Diamonds and it stays on the top compared with other gemstones. Selling diamonds  can add spark to your business and you might want to consider getting whole 4-carat engagement rings to sell in your store

Guides in Getting  Wholesale 4 Carat Engagement Ring

Be Familiar With the 4cs of Diamonds 

The 4cs are created to be able to measure the quality of diamonds. Diamonds are classified according to their appearance and other characteristics. Here are the 4cs you have to look into 4-carat diamond engagement rings:


Diamonds may look colorless but they actually have colors. Here are the classification of Diamond  colors:

  • D,E and F are considered the colorless, and  they are the most expensive. They are rare to find that’s why once you find one it will be a good one to keep and you can sell it at a high price. 
  • G, H, I, and J are classified as  nearly colorless ones. They can be a good alternative to colorless grade since their appearance is close.
  • K, L, and M are classified as  the faint colored diamonds. They are more affordable than the first two. 
  • N, O, P, Q, and R are classified as very light colors. For these diamonds the color is visible to the naked eye. 
  • S to Z are classified as  the light color. Their colors are visible to the naked eye, and they are the most affordable ones.   

When buying a four-carat diamond ring the colorless the better. The recommended grade is H and above since most women love colorless diamonds since they sparkle more compared with the lower grades. 


Clarity of a diamond is based on its flawlessness. The more flawless the diamond the more expensive. Clarity of diamond i graded as follows:

  • Internally flawless are diamonds that are clear on the interior as well as exterior. 
  • Very, very slightly (VVS) Included has two types VVS1 and VVS2 they have inclusions that only skilled grader can see. 
  • Very Slight (VS) Included has two types VS1 and VS2. Their inclusions can only be seen if magnified by a skilled grader. 
  • Slightly Included has two types SI1 and SI2. Their inclusions can be seen under 10X magnification. 
  • Included (I) has three types I1, I2, and I3. Their inclusions are obvious under 10X magnification and can affect transparency and brilliance. 

For 4-carat diamonds VS2 will be fine since the inclusion is only seen by skilled graders, therefore it can still be offered to customers who have a lower budget. 


Diamond cut should be done by experts to avoid it from getting damaged. Buying from producers who are known for cutting diamonds to its finest, getting diamonds that are cut properly can give impressions to the customers, and they can give a good review on the diamonds they will be buying from your store. Cutting diamonds to make it 4-carat can only be done by skilled cutters. 


Diamonds are price per carat weight, when selling 4-carat engagement rings make sure it should be 3.99 and above not lesser than that otherwise it wouldn’t be considered 4-carat. Cutting an exact 4.0-carat diamond is hard so make sure it is just with the ranges. 

Look for a Reputable Store

When getting wholesale diamond rings once should be able to select a store that has  a good reputation since we are talking about big money here. Before buying from one, check on their feedback that can be available on their websites or websites where their reputation can be measured. Dealing with a store that can be trusted is better than setting for one without background checking. Choose a partner that is easy to deal with and flexible to agree on the wholesale diamond engagement rings that you want to sell. 

Looking for wholesale engagement rings with 4-carat diamonds in  Dallas will be much easier if you take into consideration the tips given and find a partner you can trust, so your jewelry store can provide the engagement rings your customers desire.