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Many will go visit a bullion dealer to ask some basic question’s, “When is the best time to sell my gold?” Different dealers give the same simple answer, and that is when you want to convert your gold for cash. In essence, that is what selling gold is all about. It is the exchange of two different forms of currency. 

In Australia and the rest of the world, people think that the gold standard country is the United States. Yes, but all it means is that the currency’s value is backed by gold. So, they are not the gold standard. 

Yet, gold has a value that can go up or down daily. For this reason, the best time to sell gold is when that value is at its highest. Therefore, here we have a chart showing the gold price over the past two months. 

As you can see, the price hit an all-time low to a high above AUD 2,840. Hence, gold buyers have an old saying buy gold low and sell when it is high. Still, the issue many people have is that they want to game the gold system.

People feel confident that when they sell gold today, that value will increase tomorrow, and they will lose money. Still, looking it this way, when needing cash fast, the opposite can happen, and you make less. The truth is that the price change can occur from minute to hour when you look at gold as a commodity. 

You can now look at the gold market price and decide to sell your gold. But then, the price can go down when you get into your car to reach a bullion dealer an hour later. So, the best is to focus on the bigger picture. When the gold value is high, then you may want to sell. 

On the other hand, when that value is lower, then wait for a while. Still, according to gold buyers, other factors also need consideration. Among other things, these include the present value of money and more, making the factors complex and best suited if you are buying, trading, or selling gold. 

Nevertheless, for the most part, these factors are irrelevant. On the other hand, the current gold value is essential if you only want to sell some of your gold. So, at the moment, if you do need to sell some gold, we recommend you visit a gold buyers’ shop to have your items evaluated. 

The dealer will assess the gold for you in person, as giving a value over the phone is impossible. The gold buyer will evaluate and weigh the gold to give you a fair price for your gold. You can expect to be paid cash for gold and need not wait. You will receive an offer on the spot. 

So, sell it to a gold buyer today if you have gold bullion, jewellery, silver, or other precious metal to valuables. No matter in what condition your gold or precious metals are a dealer is more than willing to take it of your hands. 

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