How To Choose Suitable Add Ons For EV Car Insurance

Electric Car Buying Guide: Tips to Buy New Electric Car

The EV insurance business is booming, and by 2050, there could be 300 million EVs on the road, up from more than 10 million in 2022. More people can now purchase EVs thanks to the development of new technology, which suggests that there will also be a significant market for electric car insurance.

However, you shouldn’t simply buy any insurance policy. To select the best add-on from the available options, you must be aware of all of them.

What do add-ons do?

The optional extras that come with your motor insurance coverage are known as add-ons. These extras can range from liability insurance to breakdown coverage, but they are frequently chosen based on personal preference or price.

The process of selecting add-ons for your EV insurance is not straightforward. You should conduct a thorough study before selecting any add-ons because there are a few considerations to bear in mind.

The following things need to be taken into account:

Make sure you are well-versed in how each add-on functions. This will enable you to select the one that best suits your requirements. The most popular EV insurance add-ons are listed below:

  • Zero-depreciation add-on*

Since it enables you to get the whole amount of your claim without any depreciation deductions, a zero-depreciation add-on is advantageous. It is a crucial addition because it guarantees that when you pay off the loan on an EV, there will be no further costs associated with repairs or maintenance!

  • Engine protection add-on*

Your EV’s engine protection add-on covers all repair costs for engine damage and provides insurance against losses brought on by engine failure. You may be able to avoid spending thousands on repairs or replacements.

  • Battery safety add-on*

The price of the battery is a crucial consideration when buying an EV. To make sure the battery is kept safe, it is always advised to acquire EV insurance with this add-on coverage.

  • Add-on for motor protection*

Most EV insurance companies frequently provide motor protection as an add-on, and it’s a fantastic method to safeguard you and your EV. If your car is damaged on a public road due to a collision with another car or item, it offers you financial compensation.

Is it possible to convert a diesel or petrol car into an electric car?

It was very difficult to switch your fuel-powered car to an electric one a decade ago. The cost of an electric vehicle was prohibitive. Even in 2020, it is an expensive affair. There is, nevertheless, a choice. You may now turn your gasoline or diesel vehicle into an electric one. Your vehicle can now be modified to be more environmentally friendly because the authorities have given authorization. Electric car conversion India is legal.

In this regard, the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, have undergone certain amendments at the hands of the authorities. With regards to the ev policy India, an electric core can now be retrofitted into vehicles. Vehicles can be powered by electric battery-operated systems, which will also protect the environment from pollution.


It is not easy to pick the best EV insurance add-ons. It can be tough to decide which of the many excellent possibilities is ideal for you. Keep in mind what you really need to make this process simpler. Finally, it’s crucial that you take some time to research and compare different service providers before deciding which one suits your needs.

*Standard T&C Apply.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. 

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