What Happens To Your Car Insurance If You Relocate To Another City? 

How to Change Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

When you travel to another city, it is natural to wonder what happens to your car insurance policy, its features and benefits, such as network garages.  

Today, we’ll look at how policyholder relocation affects car insurance and what you should remember when driving your car in another city. 

Should you change your car insurance policy if you move? 

You should update your car insurance policy when moving to a new city if you move within your current ZIP code. You must notify your car insurance company and have your address changed. If you are moving to another state, you must update your car insurance address details as well. 

How does a car insurance policy work when moving to a different city? 

For specific car insurance regulations, visit the state’s Department of Insurance of Motor Vehicles website. When establishing a new residence within three months of moving, you must update your insurance to comply with local legislation.  

1. Determine whether your insurance needs to be upgraded. 

Although most insurance policies are valid throughout India, you may choose to upgrade your policy when you renew it. For example, moving from a smaller city to a more significant metropolis, your car may encounter heavy traffic and a higher risk of accidents.  

Advice: Use an online car insurance premium calculator to understand the premium rates depending on the riders you choose when you renew your plan.

2. Remember to notify your insurance company

You should notify your insurance company when you decide to relocate with your car. Additionally, update your permanent address and any other personal information on your policy documents, such as your phone number.  

If you purchase a new car when relocating 

To begin, you must decide whether to keep your current insurance company or look for a new one that can better meet your needs. Remember to transfer your previous car’s No Claim Bonus (* Standard T&C Apply ) to the new one. Consider opting for helpful add-ons such as the zero depreciation add-on when planning your car insurance prices for the new car. 

1. Determine whether you require new insurance. 

If you move to another city, you may find new insurance providers, especially if your insurance policy is about to end at the same time as your relocation. The insurance company may provide extra perks that help you save* money under the laws of the state or city you are relocating to.  

2. Transfer or keep your no-claim bonus 

You can transfer your NCB (* Standard T&C Apply ) in any of these scenarios and continue to reap its benefits. Your NCB (* Standard T&C Apply ) is a benefit provided by the insurer to you, the policyholder, in exchange for not filing a claim during your car insurance policy term. 

3. Sign up with the new RTO 

Registering your car with the RTO, or Regional Transport Office, in the state or city where you can be moving is critical. You may receive a new registration number after registering, which you may need to communicate with your car insurance company. 

4. Examine the new city’s list of network garages. 

The cashless claim facility is one of the essential advantages of car insurance. You must take your car to a network garage to take advantage of this benefit. When you move to a new city, check the list of network garages and make sure you have a few close to your new home. 

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. ‘ 

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI-approved insurance plan. 

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